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The best portable air conditioners without exhaust. Comparative & Buying Guide

The best portable air conditioners without exhaust. Comparative & Buying Guide

Mobile air conditioners without exhaust – Buying Guide, Classification and Tests

To make your summers pleasant, so as not to suffocate under the big heat waves, think of the portable air conditioner without evacuation. This air cooling system has even become a real must, in particular for the appreciable advantages it offers, including the ease of being transported, the saving in electricity bills or the absence of installation to be carried out. However, knowing which is the best portable air conditioner without exhaust on the market is not as obvious as it seems. To help you, our comparison offers some products that show relevant selection criteria such as power, size or design. For example, there is the mobile air conditioner De’Longhi PAC N87 which is a model with a monobloc structure. It is very compact and therefore does not take up much space. There is also Tristar AC-5560, a versatile material since it also supports the function of dehumidifier and even heating. You can use it all year round.

Comparative table

The 6 Best Portable Air Conditioners without Evacuation (Reviews & Tests) of 2019

1. De’Longhi PAC N76 Air-To-Air Portable Air Conditioner


Simple and efficient, air conditioners incorporating a monobloc structure with a single pipe are the best-selling models. Being part of this category, the PAC N87 air conditioner from the Italian firm De’Longhi is no exception to this rule.

Compact, this device measures 75 cm high, 44.9 cm wide, 39.5 cm deep and weighs 30 kg. In terms of design, its white finish gives it a very elegant style. In terms of performance, this model benefits from a cooling power equal to 9800 BTU / h or 2500 Watts. This efficiency is mainly due to the new generation of refrigerant gas called R410 A. For more flexible use, this power will be distributed between three ventilation speeds. Regarding the air flow, the latter amounts to 350 m³ / h, which explains its ability to cool a room over 85 m³.

On the other hand, its power supply can withstand a voltage of around 240 Volts. Incidentally, the PAC N87 is equipped with several fans, an air filter, an LCD screen, a timer and a 1.2 m hose. Discreet, its sound level is measured at 63 decibels. Playing the role of air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan, this model is versatile. Far from consuming energy, this device is classified A +++ to D.

For the

Easy to use: All controls are easy to reach. In addition, the LCD screen displays the desired temperature to the nearest degree.

Efficient: Benefiting from a cooling power of 9800 BTU per hour, its use will allow the temperatures of a room to be lowered by 2 to 4 degrees depending on the settings.

Multifunctional: The De’Longhi PAC N87 Silent offers two other different functions which are ventilation and dehumidification. Each of them may or may not be associated with air conditioning.

The cons

Very noisy: In working order, the ventilation is heard too much which is very disturbing.

A remote control malfunction: After a while, the remote control will lose its effectiveness.


Apart from the dimensions, the design and the cooling capacity, the choice of a portable air conditioner is most often based on its versatility. Indeed, a model that integrates several features is a device that will adapt to all seasons as is the case with this device from Tristar.

In all, this air conditioner has four very distinct functions namely cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation. Therefore, this model can be used in winter, but also in summer. In addition to this, the speed of air propagation is adjustable in two different ways. Benefiting from great mobility, this air conditioner, 84 cm high, 56.2 cm wide and 38.2 cm deep, is equipped with four multidirectional casters.

As for its weight, note that this version weighs exactly 26 kg. This efficient air conditioner has a cooling power of 10,000 BTUs or 2.9 kW, a dehumidification efficiency equivalent to 1.2 liters per hour as well as a heating capacity of 2.7Kw. With such performance, this model can effectively cool a 90 m³ room.

Regarding its power supply, this device develops a power of 1040 Watts and will support an electrical voltage equivalent to 220 Volts. Incidentally, it will be accompanied by a remote control and a digital timer.

For the

Compact: This air conditioner will not take up too much space and will adapt to all interior styles.

Efficient: Thanks to its four functions, it can be used in summer, but also in winter. In addition, it has an efficient turbo mode.

Multifunctional: Besides air conditioning, this model has three other functions which are ventilation, heating and dehumidification.

A remote control option: This air conditioner can be controlled remotely using a remote control.

The cons

Energy Eating: For a few degrees of cooling, this device will tend to consume more energy than necessary.

3. Jocca 5893 Air Conditioner with Remote Control


Lightness is a quality that everyone is looking for on a portable air conditioner. With its weight of 8.08 kg and its plastic structure, Jocca 5893 will be easy to move. In addition, it is mounted on four casters which provide excellent handling.

Regarding the size of this model, note that it measures 65 cm high, 44 cm wide and 33 cm deep. As for the capacity of its tank, it is equal to 9 liters. In terms of functionality, the Jocca 5893 integrates three modes, namely air conditioning, humidification and air purification. In addition, the intensity of ventilation can be adjusted in three different ways, including burst mode. Depending on the needs of its user, the shutters will be easily adjustable.

Incidentally, a remote control will be included in its packaging. In terms of power, this model develops a power of 60 Watts and can support a voltage of 240 Volts. In addition to that, it has an energy category A which is one of the least energy-consuming classifications.

To function properly, this air conditioner must contain enough water or ice. In addition, it incorporates a programmable timer up to an operating time of seven and a half hours.

For the

Silent: Even at third gear, the noise of the ventilation is not heard at all.

Handy: Since it is equipped with several casters, it will be easy to move, hence the mention portable air conditioner.

No installation required: A simple plug into a power outlet as well as a simple press on the power control will be enough to start it up. In addition, the remote control allows remote adjustment which is very convenient.

The cons

Insufficient ventilation: Even with a tub filled with water or ice, the freshness is hardly noticeable.

Poorly positioned trays: The trays tend to tip backwards. On top of that, opening it is not at all convenient.

4. Suntec Wellness Mobile local air conditioner Impuls 2.0+

If you want to cool an office or an average waiting room with a maximum surface area of ​​34 m², the Suntec Wellness Impuls 2.6+ is a portable air conditioner without evacuation quite efficient. It has a power of 2600 W, or about 9000 BTU to bring you freshness and well-being even at the height of the heat wave. This air conditioner has 2 levels of ventilation power to provide you with optimal cooling coverage.

Note that this cooling power does not consume much energy, the device being in the energy efficiency class A.

In addition, this device also has a system that allows it to offer a dehumidifier function in order to enjoy much healthier air. It can remove up to 1.2 liters of moisture every hour. But it can also be used as a fan and even more interesting, these two options can work either without using the air conditioner mode.

The design is also another strong point of this device, because its style can make it an original decorative object. Furthermore, thanks to the compact dimensions of 360 x 32 x 730 mm, it can easily find a place in a corner of the room to be cooled.

Regarding the level of practicality, this mobile device can be easily moved from one room to another. Thanks to its lightness and its dimensions, it can be transported everywhere without worry.

For the

Economic and ecological device: Even with its various functionalities and its power, the Suntec Wellness Impuls 2.6+ air conditioner does not consume any energy and allows you to reduce your energy bill. In addition, its timer makes it easier to program the device’s operating time range.

Easy to use: Equipped with a remote control and an LCD screen, this portable air conditioner makes your life easier. In addition, it also has a 1.5 m long exhaust air hose with adapter.

The cons

Not reversible: This device does not have a reversible function. It is therefore impossible to use this air conditioner to keep the room temperature in a room in winter.

5. Klarstein Pure Blizzard Portable air conditioner

In a very modern design, this portable air conditioner without exhaust Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2G brings you a pleasant freshness in summer. Equipped with unique features, the device is made of robust materials which ensure good reliability. If you want to buy a good cheap monobloc air conditioner, this Klarstein is a good choice in this comparison.

Thanks to its cooling power of 7000 BTU, you can cool a maximum surface of 25 m². Besides its air cooler function, this portable air conditioner also has the ability to improve the air quality in a room. It therefore offers a dehumidifier function, but it can also be used as a fan.

Furthermore, using this device will not make you spend more on energy bills. Categorized in energy class A, it is economical in addition to being ecological.

To make it even easier to use, the model has an LCD screen and is supplied with its remote control so that you can easily program it in comfort standby mode or in night mode. This air conditioner being chosen for its mobility, its 4 360 ° mobile castors and its weight of only 21.8 kg make it a practical companion to transport from one room to another.

Regarding its maintenance, the device makes your life easier. You will only have to clean its condensate tray, which has a capacity of 19.2 l.

For the

Various functions: The Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2G monobloc portable air conditioner is a 3 in 1 device with cooler, fan and also dehumidifier functions. These features are rarely found on a device of the same price range.

Silent: According to the opinions, this monobloc air conditioner is quite silent with its sound level of 56 decibels. If you want to compare this sound level with those of other devices in the same category, it is silent and does not disturb during sleep.

The cons

Non-reversible: This criterion is an asset when you are looking for which portable air conditioner without exhaust to choose, the fact that this device is not reversible is a shame. The qualities and the performances which it presents can however compensate for this drawback.

6. Web-clim’aire 2600W reversible cold mobile air conditioner

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a portable air conditioner in summer and winter, the best reversible portable air conditioner is for you. This air conditioner is a reversible cold 2600 W and hot 2600 W appliance. If you need to establish a pleasantly high temperature in winter in your room, and if you also need a device to cool your interior in summer, buy this model is interesting.

It offers a function with which you can use only ventilation. It is also equipped with a thermostat whose mission is to automatically maintain the ideal temperature you need. An outside air exhaust hose is also provided to facilitate the use of this device.

In addition, to provide you with optimal air quality, this reversible air conditioner also has a dehumidifier function. In addition, the product falls into the category of energy class A +, a criterion which makes it a very efficient model in terms of saving energy consumption.

Finally, the dimensions of the device of 480 x 400 x 795 make it easy to transport or move this air conditioner in the room where you need it. These dimensions also give you a comfortable space saving.

For the

Reversible device: The criterion of reversibility being a real asset for a portable air conditioner without exhaust, this product is quite advantageous. You no longer fear either the heat or the freezing cold, your 2600 W reversible portable air conditioner brings you comfort and well-being.

Affordable price: In our ranking, this model remains the best performing if you want to compare in terms of price. Rather affordable in view of its functionalities, this reversible air conditioner offers a very competitive value for money.

The cons

Without brand: If you want to invest in the best brand of reversible portable air conditioners, this model is not produced under a known brand. But this drawback is offset by the performance and the cheaper price of this device.

Purchase guide

To bring the temperature down inside your home on hot summer days, nothing better than a portable air conditioner with no exhaust. Choosing such a device is not that obvious at all. To help you with this task, using a buying guide for the best portable air conditioners without exhaust is essential.

The power of the air conditioner

When we talk about power for an air conditioner, we are talking about the cooling power and the electric power of it. The cooling capacity is expressed in BTU or British Thermal Unit. On this power depends the capacity of an air conditioner to be able to cool or not a given room. The power required therefore depends on the area of ​​the surface to be conditioned.

Thus, for a room of 15 m2, a cooling power of 7000 BTU is necessary, for a surface of 25 m2, a power of 9000 BTU is required and finally, for a room of 35 m2, a power of 12000 BTU is useful. To make your calculation, count 100 to 130 W per m2. One of the tips we can also give you if you want to know how to buy a better value for money portable air conditioner without exhaust is to oversize your air conditioner for rooms with bay windows and French doors.

In terms of electrical power, know that this kind of device is energy-consuming. Prefer models of energy class A or A +++.

The size of the air conditioner

One of the characteristics to take into account when choosing your air conditioner is the size of it. In places to buy a new portable air conditioner without exhaust, you can find different models of different sizes. The model you need to rely on should be able to cool the room where you want to use it. Note however that a large size for an air conditioner does not mean a large cooling capacity.

In fact, the size of your air conditioner should mainly be dictated by the space you plan to allocate to this device in your home. So, the best before you embark on any purchase is to determine the location of your air conditioner, to determine the size and then to go to a price comparison site to learn about the different possibilities.

The design of an air conditioner

The design of an air conditioner is also a criterion that should not be overlooked if you want to make a good investment in air conditioner. On this point, the best is to invest in a model that does not contrast too much with the decor of the interior of your home. Indeed, in addition to being a purely functional device, this type of device is also a decorative element in its own right.

Choose a model whose color and shape enhance the decoration and ambiance of your room. In addition, the current models are controlled and configured using buttons easily accessible on the air conditioner. In addition, most of these models can be controlled by a remote control. Finally, for optimal comfort of use, favor the models with low sound. Air conditioners still emit noise, but you can count on models with a noise level of 50 dB.

Above all, what you should know is that a portable air conditioner without exhaust is not really an air conditioner, it is rather an air freshener. And as the name suggests, there is no hot air exhaust pipe to install, and the device is mobile. Before seeing how to use such a device, it would probably be better to understand how it works. Here is some interesting information on this subject.

Consult the user manual before mounting

In general, manufacturers send the product in spare parts, in order to limit costs. You may then have to mount your device. However, do not worry, because the product will of course be delivered with a user manual in which you will find all the necessary information regarding the mounting of the device. Often, manufacturers do everything to make this operation accessible to everyone, even people who do not have a lot of DIY skills.

Find a suitable location

The portable air conditioner without exhaust is equipment that fits into one unit. You will therefore not have several units to install inside and outside the house, only one to place in the room to be “air conditioned”. It’s up to you to choose the part in question. As for its location, it will mainly depend on the space available. Since the device does not require any connection to the outside, you can therefore place it everywhere, but not too far from an AC outlet anyway. Once done, just plug the plug, and make the necessary adjustments according to your needs.

Don’t forget to fill your device’s tank with water

Thanks to a water tank, the unit will then cool the air, before returning it to the room. This tank will empty as its water evaporates. So, when you use such a device, remember to fill the tank as the water level drops, otherwise the performance of your portable air conditioner without evacuation would be greatly impaired. Note that some users also put a few blocks of ice in the tank, to improve the performance of the device.

Product care

Regarding the maintenance of such a product, the first thing to emphasize is the need to unplug the device before handling, to avoid any risk. For a portable air conditioner, it is recommended to regularly clean the filter, about twice a month. To do this, for example, use a dry cloth. However, you should know that, despite regular cleaning of this element, it is also recommended to replace it at least once every year. The times for replacing the various parts should be given in the user manual.

If we can also give you a little practical advice, consider carrying out the cleaning and / or maintenance of your appliance early in the morning, when the temperatures are still acceptable. It will also be an opportunity for you to leave the windows wide open, to ventilate the house as well as possible and renew the ambient air. You will not need the portable air conditioner at this time.

The most popular brands

As summer approaches, the temperature on the thermometer begins to rise and reaches a point where it becomes quite difficult to live in the house. It then becomes essential to obtain a cooling device. Since traditional air conditioners are a little expensive, the choice of a portable air conditioner without exhaust is a little more possible.

Trotec is a particularly famous company in the world of air conditioning. This German company also operates in the field of home air conditioning for individuals. Among the devices that the brand markets, portable air conditioners without exhaustion occupy a fairly important place. The range offered by the manufacturer is very rich and the customer has a wide choice for the product he wants to buy.

The models of air conditioners of the Trotec brand therefore vary according to the power that the device can develop, ranging from 2000 to almost 5 kW. The user also has options regarding the rate at which the device can recondition the air. Besides portable non-exhaust air conditioners, the company also produces industrial and high-performance cooling equipment that can be used in corporate and office spaces.

The best portable air conditioners without exhaust. Comparative & Buying Guide learn about the different

When we talk about air conditioners, we can’t help but talk about the Klarstein brand. Indeed, this German company is quite simply one of the best in the field. It offers a wide choice of models for portable air conditioners without exhaust. The customer can therefore choose between different powers according to his needs. He will also have the choice between different airflows but also the shape of the device so that it adapts perfectly to his home.

The features on the brand’s products are also different. So some models may have an LED screen, others have a remote control, etc. Among the other devices made by Klarstein, we can also find professional air conditioners, ice makers, refrigerators or wine cellars. Just about everything that revolves around the cold.

The Italian brand DeLonghi is mainly known for its expertise in household appliances which aim to improve the daily life of consumers. When it comes to comfort, portable air conditioners are one of the brand’s main products. It produces devices that have the advantage of being quiet compared to other products in the same category available on the market.

The devices she sells are also different from each other. Thus, some devices have small advantages such as the presence of wheels for easy movement. Others have an LED screen or a remote control to better control the operation of the device. Everything is in order to satisfy the greatest number of customers who will not necessarily have the same tastes or the same needs.

DeLonghi also markets other devices that are just as essential in everyday life as coffee machines, irons and kitchen equipment such as robots and microwaves.